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Late fall update/Xmas info

Hi there anglers!

The 2020 fishing has officially come to a close here at Berkshire Rivers. This year had many new challenges and we managed to have a safe productive season. I want to thank everybody who came out this year and spent time with us on the water. This season we saw a few exciting changes within our clientele. One of those areas was the amount of young anglers on the water. We had a blast with the new generation of anglers. Their enthusiasm to be outside and their excitement to be holding fish was a great reminder for myself this year on the magic of fishing and why I started guiding in the first place. Secondly, we saw a huge increase in the number of female anglers. Around 50% of the clients we took this year were women! It so nice to that we are taking a wider range of folks!

We are looking forward to this off season to work on some new/updated offerings for the coming season. I will personally be looking to do more custom trips in the coming years to more watersheds besides here in the Berkshires. One of our big opportunities outside of the Berkshires include our the Yellowstone custom camping/fishing trips. Many of you may know I spent the better part of a decade adventuring and fishing in the Yellowstone area. If you are interested in this coming summer, now is the time to start planning and reaching out with questions. Here is a link to read more. Keep your eyes open for other updates regarding custom trip opportunities outside of the Berkshires. We are actively monitoring the public health trajectory of COVID-19 as we consider these potential out of state experiences.

We are also looking to our Daze of Bronze all inclusive fishing experience. It had been scheduled this past August but due to COVID, we pushed it back to next summer. This is a smallmouth bass fishing camp that includes housing, food, guides and some other goodies. This will be taking place right here in the Berkshires. I have a feeling that this one will sell out quick. Right now we are aiming for the end of July. Reach out with questions or if you’re interested.

With all that being said, we already have folks booking for the 2021 season so if you are looking at specific dates, let us know as soon as possible.

Also its that time of year again…………time to save some money AND get a great stocking stuffer! For gift certificates, We are offering our 2 person trips for the price of 1 again this year for the Xmas special. We also have hats for sale this year. Let us know if you are interested in either of these. Hope everyone has a healthy and safe holiday season! Hope to see you all in the New Year out on the water.

Have a happy and safe holiday season,


Our 2 hat options this year