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Fishing Report 9/19/2021

Trout fishing is back baby! We have been having some cooler nights and the trout the fishing has been fantastic. Not too much in the way of dry fly fishing but the nymphing and streamer fishing has been stellar. The fall is a perfect time to hone in your nymphing or streamer skills for these beautiful western Mass fish.

Streamer fishing for trout is also a great practice for stepping up to pike fly fishing. We usually start clients with an 8wt rod with full sink line. Most of the flies we throw are 4-8″ long and it is a bit challenging to start but the rewards are toothy and ferocious. Not to mention casting your 5wt with streamers will be a breeze and your accuracy will be on point after a day of chasing pike. As I have mentioned in the previous posts, the pike are starting to put their feed bags on in preparation for the winter, so give us a jingle if you’d like to learn the tactics and get a shot at the apex predator of the river!

We are also still having decent luck getting some great smallmouth in the rafts. There has been more action with them later on in the day when the river starts to warm up a bit. But time is running out to get hooked into these strong and explosive fish.