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Fishing Report 8/15/2021

It really feels like summer now in the Berkshires! The smallmouth bass have been hungry and willing to take big or small flies, underwater or above. These fish are pound for pound one of the best fighting freshwater fish, and lucky for us the rivers we fish are full of them! We usually switch between streamer fishing or topwater depending on the conditions and what the fish are keyed into feeding wise. If you have not caught a big river smallmouth on topwater before, it is an experience any fishy person needs to cross off their bucket list.

While we have been primarily doing smallmouth fishing the past few weeks we have also seen our fair share of northern pike as well. This apex predator eats smallmouth as well as a variety of other fish in the river and sometimes will even attack a fish you have on the line. If you are interested in setting up a Smallmouth or Pike trip before the summer ends, let us know!