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Float/Drift Fly Fishing Trips


re you an angler looking to get out on the water? We will float you down a beautiful section of river, where you will catch fish and gorgeous Berkshire mountain views for hours any time of year.

Plan Your Float ‘n Fish Trip

Float/Drift Fly Fishing TripsWhen you book a float trip (also called a drift trip) with Berkshire Rivers Fly Fishing, you can expect to have a good time. Our trained and experienced guides will show you the ins and outs of fly fishing in The Berkshires. Whatever your skill level, there is always lots to learn!

Along with tutelage, our guides will also provide the equipment you will need for the day. This includes:

  • Douglas Rods
  • 3-TAND Reels
  • Airflo Floating & Sinking Lines
  • Scientific Angler Leaders & Tippet
  • Secret Fly Patterns

Worried about Hunger? We provide snacks and beverages on the boat. (Please Note: No alcohol allowed on the boat.)

Fly fishing float trips generally take 4-8 hours. They are strictly “catch and release.” They are available by reservation for any time of year (winter, spring, summer or fall) and can accommodate two guests per boat.

Single-guest trip – $350
Two-person trip – $450

What to Bring

As mentioned above, we supply the essential equipment you will need for your float trip. To make things a bit more pleasant for yourself, we suggest you bring:

  • Hat
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain Jacket
  • Camera
  • Waders (We Do Have Limited Sizes Available if Needed)
  • Extra Set of Dry, Warm Clothes

Get Out on the River

Plan a float trip, and cast that line in the beautiful Berkshire mountains.